'Food is Medicine'; benign statement or harmful rhetoric?

"I mean it’s just food, right? Where's the harm?" If we’re going to make a podcast with the intention of addressing the current state of nutritional discourse, there's nothing more appropriate to start with than the phrase, 'Food is Medicine’. In this first episode of season 1, we discuss how the phrase came to be; why it's become so trendy; and whether it's helpful or harmful to furthering the public perception of nutritional science*. Tune in again next week as we unpack some of the important differences between biomedical and nutrition science which will help further explain why this phrase is misguided. If you enjoyed this episode please do rate, review and subscribe! (please note that at 27:39 'East Asian' should have been 'South Asian') *We are both aware that the use of this phrase can be an important part of eating disorder recovery; the purpose of this discussion is not to diminish that.
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